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3 Natural Forces You´ve Never Heard About That
Actually Are Controlling Everything You Do And
Making You Less Successful Than You Could Be
Once You Simply Know About Them.

3 forces

Life is hard for many people. Right now, your life may be filled with trials and disappointments. If you´ve made a few mistakes in life and are in debt...all is not lost as I am here to help you.

If you hate that you are stuck working a dead end job, for less pay than you are worth - never making enough money to make ends meet, then this will be the most important letter you´ve ever read.

As you continue to read this page, you will see how you can easily create a new, exciting and rewarding life - filled with everything you desire!

Yes, you can have a life filled with joy and satisfaction beyond your wildest dreams and I´m here to help you get it!

Here´s what you need to know...

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Luxury Car, Success

My name is Aylon Spigel and what I am going to tell you will quickly transform your life, improve your wealth and prosperity and I promise it will change your outlook on how to get it.

Richard Bandler, a well known NLP Practitioner and The Founder Of Neuro Logistic Programming, once said:

“People Do the Best They Can
with the Choices they have.”

Rich people think and act differently than poor people and even middle class people.

You know the old cliché... “Winners are made, not born.”

What this means to you is that there is a logical science of “cause and effect” and “a prosperity mindset” behind all highly successful and rich people.

For some lucky, and gifted people they were naturally born with it, they know exactly how to “turn on their inner genius and drive to succeed.”

Even if you are not born rich or gifted... this special gift can be still be learned by anyone who wants to apply themselves.

I can help anyone, including you, learn how to master the Science of Achievement and implement it into his/her daily life.

And when they understand these wealth principles and apply them to their lives they will acquire more wealth, will work at a career they love, easily improve and feel satisfied their love relationships, and really feel good about themselves and in turn, will grow to love the new life they live.

The 3 Forces That Control Your Life Are:


3 forces revealed 1. Your Physiology
2. Your Belief
3. The Language
You Use.


You Can Be Coached on How to Concur All of the 3 Forces
So You will be Empowered Even More and Become Unstoppable!
This WIll Make You Reach Your Goals And Your Life Dreams.

The Language (or Personal Self Talk) You Use When You Talk To Yourself Will Significantly Effect Your Future and how prosperous and fulfilling your life is. Speaking Your Future

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“Speaking Your Future:
With The Power of The Spoken Word.”

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My Advice Can Change Your Life For The Better!

You will find after you talk with me that your own personal negative thoughts may be holding you back from the life of success and wealth of your dreams you deserve.

I have a dream If more wealth, success and living your dream life is what you´re seeking, I can help you get there. I´ll help you go from where you are now to where you want to be faster and easier than you going it all alone.

I have mastered the Science of Achievement and the Ultimate Success Formula and wish to share my wealth and prosperity building knowledge with you.

As a Result Coach, I too had to recondition my mind and re-program myself for success. I had to speak (self-talk) to myself to “think rich” so that I would automatically think and act like the rich people do.

I can coach you so you can understand how the Ultimate Success Formula I use can help you eliminate the negative thought patterns which are preventing you from achieving all you wish for.

I can give you the expert help you need to be more determined to find the resourcefulness inside you. I´ll work with you to help you realize the breakthroughs and build the dream life you´re looking for.

But first, you need to know it is not your fault you are in debt or work at a job you dislike or have distant relationships or are not living a life you love.

You just didn´t know how all your negative programming was making you repeat the mistakes you´ve made in the past. Mistakes like being in debt and unsuccessful and it´s all because you don´t believe you deserve to be successful and wealthy.

I know that those people who really want more wealth and success will do whatever it takes. I am sure you want to learn what you need to change your life for the better. I´ll show you the way to improve your thoughts to more positive ones and so you will know that you are doing the right things in the right order.

I´ll help you understand exactly what to do to take control of your life and build a new, much more exciting and happier life - the life of your dreams

Even these Master Coaches are confirming that
"There are principle at play" behind success: It is the
Science of Achivement and the Ultimate Success Formula.
What this means to you is that Aylon Spigel can help you with the same science to set and achieve your goals.

brian-tracy “I´ve only received coaching from 2 people, Marshall Goldsmith and Michael Bolduc, and Michael is the best!…He´s the World´s #1 Coach to Set & Achieve Goals!

Brian Tracy, Author The Psychology of Achievement"

jack-canfield“For Michael Bolduc to reach the level of success he has achieved with a traumatic background and not even a high school education, proves that there are principles at play here that have nothing to do with pedigree.”

Jack Canfield Best Selling Author of "The Success Principles"

Michael_and_AylonAylon Spigel is an Online Success Coach Certified by Michael Bolduc
Aylon has also won an award for being the #1 in his class for making the best vision board. What this means to you is that Aylon can help you to get clarity with your vision and your goals and continue to empower you all the way to your success.

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For some people, “SUCCESS” evokes images of wealth and power: a high-paying job, huge mansion, fancy yacht, luxury car, a passive income from an internet marketing system and so on. But success is about so much more than what you HAVE

online success It’s about how you FEEL.

  • If you wake up every morning thankful and eager for the day aheadThat’s SUCCESS.
  • If your heart bursts with love when you think of all the amazing people in your life – That’s SUCCESS.
  • If you are able to learn and grow from every experience in your life – That’s SUCCESS.

An Extraordinary Opportunity To Re-Start Your Life.

I am a certified Results Coach and trained with Michael Bolduc.

My certification was with a proven success curriculum created by Michael Bolduc who is said to be the world no # 1 coach to set and achieve goals by the famous Brian Tracy.

My training as a NLP communicator has endowed me to possess a unique ability to positively influence others to improve their life and cast out patterns of negative self-talk.

I am skilled in helping people easily remove negative mental influences to restore a more “success” and “wealth oriented” approach to life.

You can work with me as your success coach in the comfort of your own home and for a small investment as you will soon see, please read on to find out more.

The reason I am telling you this is that for years the only way you could learn these amazing secrets was to attend an expensive seminar costing thousands of dollars or go to an NLP Practitioner school for months of in person training.

Many people who are now successful and wealthy have been happy to pay this amount and more to achieve control of their lives and build a prosperous life.

I know not everyone can afford to spend thousands of dollars like I did to attend an expensive seminar and take NLP coaching classes.

That is why I am offering online coaching sessions at your convenience via the Internet with a Skype conversation, for a much lower rate so you can take advantage of my generosity.

Now you too can get similar wealth improvement and success results as my in person coaching clients when you take action and sign up now for your initial coaching session.

So how does my Success Coaching Work?

nlp In your first Coaching Session I´ll work with you to uncover your negative thought patterns which are holding you back from realizing wealth, a better career, loving relationships and a live you would love to live.

My goal is to help you fine-tune your vision, align your goals with your purpose, create a plan for bringing your dreams to life which is doable and sustainable.

Next you´ll receive the prosperity tools, strategies and confidence to secure the resources you need to start to build your life plan of success.

You´ll feel like a heavy weight is lifted off your shoulders as yourself bursting with confidence and feeling like you are in control of your life again.

You´ll have laser-focus when you are armed with The Ultimate Success Formula to achieve and create your ultimate dream life.

In your first coaching session, I will share with you the power of “The Ultimate Success Formula” which you can apply to any of your goals.

I will also help you to set your 3 top goals. We will go over the “Wheel of Life” to address all your personal needs. You will learn how to tackle any obstacles or limiting beliefs that may have been holding you back from success in your life.

online success I´ll show you how to create a dramatic change in both your personal and professional life. You will be thrilled when you experience greater happiness and fulfillment in everything you do.

I´ll also set up your Personal Action Plan to show you what to do to get where you want to go. Soon you will feel free as NOTHING will hold you back anymore.

More wealth and true success will finally be yours and all this is right here in front of you - all you have to do is ask for my help.

So today, I want to give you that special choice to take control over your life and get the success you´ve always wanted.

The first step you want to take to a new and exciting life where you are in control of your destiny is just a small $5 dollar investment.

Your small investment will give you a Private Coaching Session for 30 minutes right in the comfort of your home using only your computer to connect us, there will be no phone charges or extra charges for this initial consulting session.

You may decide to continue your journey with me and do additional coaching sessions, but this first small investment is only for the initial session and does NOT obligate you to any future sessions so you can relax and rest easy on that.

Discover how you can to take control of your life and finally build your dream life you´ve always wanted.

Now is the time to take the right action and get started today. All you need to do is sign up and I´ll help you unleash your full potential ... dream bigger than you ever have before ... and finally discover how to achieve any goal.

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I am offering for a very limited time a special gift to you, just for signing up.
Speaking Your Future
This free gift is all about learning how to properly speak to yourself with compassion and love; to learn more about “empowering self talk” sign up now. You´ll get this special free gift - “Speaking Your Future:
With The Power of The Spoken Word.”
(via instant download).

You can download this free book in just moments from now.

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What Am I Bringing To Our Coaching Session?

success ahead Hi, my name is Aylon Spigel.

I am going to show you how you can transform your life.

I want to personally work with you and help you finally understand the truth behind what it takes to create the wealthy and prosperous life of your dreams.

Currently I am an extremely successful and prosperous Online Result Coach living in Thailand. My professional life has taken many twists and turns before I found my true calling as a Coach that gets people the results they want.

I want to help you be successful.

That´s why I have decided to dedicate my life to helping others find their own calling so they can live the life they were meant to live and I´ll help you release your negative and limiting beliefs which are the biggest obstacles to success, just as my negative beliefs were.

But first, you should know a little about me so here´s some of my past history and how I came to be an Online Result Coach.

I started my professional life with a Master of Fine Arts in Computer Graphics and Interactive Media from the prestigious Pratt Institute Brooklyn NY in 1996. My fellow friends and Teachers admired me for my loyalty and as a man who values the truth and confidentiality above all else.

I refused to sit in my classes in silence as I was very outgoing and always asked questions whenever I wanted clarification - which led me to become an outstanding student.

I relied on my logic and intuition to guide me in all my decisions and daily life.

My search for enlightenment has led me on a quest around the world searching for and learning from the preeminent self growth and self-awareness Masters such as: Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra.

But I didn´t stop there I was thirsty for even more knowledge to fill my need for knowing why the world works the way it does and my preordained place in it.

My spiritual side led me to embrace my self-growth through success workshops, enhancing books and live seminars where I could see and experience the knowledge of the Masters.

Gary Graig, the founder of EFT, using his Emotional Freedom Technique I have had the unique opportunity to learn from phenomenal emotional and energy healer, Gary Graig, the founder of EFT, using his Emotional Freedom Technique.

EFT is also used to eliminate limiting beliefs, phobias, stubborn negative feelings and emotions which causes a person to be negative in their thoughts and feelings. EFT Tapping Points

Gary Craig´s EFT techniques work to release your sadness and depression and help you to renew, revitalize and feel better -- “when nothing else works”.

This enlightenment brought me to work and to operate an EFT healing center in Bangkok during 2002-2003.

My spiritual needs forced me to walk a new and exciting path where my life and focus finally came together to lead me and support me onward to discover a new rejuvenating life changing program.

This is when I met the world #1 master coach - Michael Bolduc. I was in awe of his true sincere desire to help me and I felt empowered by his life giving energy. I became a student of his Coaching Certification program and his NLP Coaching University Program and graduated with honors.

The most important thing I did was to put my doubts aside and become the person I´ve always meant to become; without focusing on my doubts I was able to build the prosperous and spiritually filled life of my dreams.

Michael Bolduc´s Science of Achievement seminar and his Ultimate Success Formula have not only helped me to transform my life but also to embrace my mission to empower others to find success in their lives.

online success I´m sure you know that people who excel and become the best performers they can be, like athletes, CEO´s and entrepreneurs all have their own private coaches, don't they?

Your life is in your hands and you decide how your life turns out. Isn´t it about time you become the captain of your ship?

All you need is a coach who cares about you and wants to show you how to navigate your ship to the life of your dreams. I´m here ready and willing to show you the clear path by giving you the Ultimate Success Formula for your true success.

I have opened my coaching business to the world by using the Internet with tools like Skype to conduct 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

This allows me to reach people just like you for sessions beyond Bangkok, so I can work with you no matter where you live.

My ability to conduct my Private Coaching online is easier for you to use, isn´t it?

It allows me to focus my attention on your success.

The fact that you are still reading proves to me that you are ready to commit to discuss with me how to help you to reach your life´s goals. success ahead

    Your goals may be for
  • more wealth,
  • a higher level of prosperity,
  • a better career,
  • more intimate relationships
  • or just a higher level of self esteem
  • so you feel better about who you are.

Whatever your challenges are I am here to help you to connect with your inner power to confront any of these obstacles that may be standing in your way.

I´m here to help you eliminate those fears, and show you how to be filled with a higher level of self worth and value.

You will soon see new levels of wealth, better relationships with friends and family and significant others and opportunities for advancement in your career quickly speed your way.

So decide right now to take that first step, to make a change in your life, to find out all kinds of fantastic new possibilities and opportunities to change your life for the better that are just waiting here for you.

    I have found out that people who have committed and persisted with their coaching got great results like this:
    online success
  • People who were financially troubled with too many bills to pay have their finances improved.
  • People struggling to make a decent living have found better and more rewarding jobs at a higher level of pay.
  • People who were having relationship problems are now experiencing new feelings of love and connection.
  • People who felt unfulfilled with their lives have found new hope and the energy and fortitude to go for their dreams!

You don´t have to pay thousands of dollars to find out if coaching is for you; it costs you only $5 for your introductory coaching session, to spend 30 minutes with me via Skype.

Time for change You´ll be amazed at what you´ll discover and how easy it is to quickly feel better and be more in charge of your life.

You´ll want to sign up now.

You´ll experience a feeling of new found hope, and you will feel energized and transformed right after your very first session.

I welcome you to sign up.

Let´s get together to chat.

I´ll help you realize your true potential and how I can help get you on the path to achieving everything you´ve every dreamed!

Sign up right now over there to the right to get your 30 mins Coaching Session with me for just $5 USD, And to download my ebook for free. Speaking Your Future You no longer have any excuses why your life isn’t working, as you found the perfect solution right under your fingers.

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(This Special offer of $5 USD is limited to 30 minutes Coaching Session, only 1 per person. Get it now before the offer will expire.)

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